"John Evans's first horror novel "God's Gift" is a surprising, satisfying and sure-footed plunge into the tangled web we weave - and the age-old evil that weaves it around us. Its richly detailed, sinisterly sensuous prose offers a gripping exploration of fact fiction and the grim terrors that lie between them. Like some evil cousin of Clive Barker, Evans gleefully takes you on a perverse personal tour, filled with madness, sex and death, rendered on an epic scale. It appears British horror has found an alarming, exciting new voice."

CHRISTOPHER FOWLER, author of Roofword,  
Psychoville and The Bryant and May Series

“...a tantalising concept."


“Evans's debut novel is a contemporary supernatural thriller, littered with loss and sadness. His handling of character is strong and his observation of horror is at once amusing and troubling."